Paralegals in the Family Law Field



Patricia Garbo of has labored like a paralegal within Florida for quite some time. Garbo stated she supplies a service that saves people money and time. “The primary benefit may be the savings as whole,” Garbo stated. “If they’ve absolutely nothing to divide then it’s the simplest and many affordable method of getting the divorce”.

Based on Garbo, most paralegals charge between $150 to hundreds of dollars to organize divorce documents. The charge doesn’t range from the state’s filing fee, which depends upon the condition. For Florida, it is $409 for that divorce court filing fee, she stated. A flat fee based paralegal allows for anyone to be able to get Florida cheap divorce.

While paralegals might help save a divorcing couple lots of money, Garbo warns, the duo should be in complete agreement on all the divorce. “In utilizing a paralegal they either need to be in complete agreement, or they’re not able to find your partner so that they know they’ll serve by publication and yet another person won’t respond since the paralegal cannot give legal counsel” Garbo stated.



Based on the National Federation of Paralegal Associations, there’s nobody definition that best describes the word paralegal. Rather, each condition features its own legal knowledge of the term. For Garbo, as being a paralegal means knowing and comprehending the legal processes. “A paralegal can perform everything a lawyer can perform except give legal counsel or step in the court,” she stated.

There’s two kinds of paralegals. Garbo is definitely an independent paralegal that prepares documents for those who retain her services. There’s also paralegals that actually work for attorneys and may therefore speak with respect to their employer, Garbo stated.

Combined with the definition, states also provide separate certification or licensing approaches for paralegals. Some states don’t even need a paralegal to carry certificates, Garbo stated. Because paralegals aren’t legally permitted to supply their customers with advice, Garbo stated many independent paralegals avoid direct connection with their clients. “Somebody who prepares documents can’t give advice, however they possess the understanding,” Garbo stated. “It’s a really thin line that can’t be entered.”

To prevent crossing that line, Garbo, just like many paralegals, has her clients complete and submit a questionnaire. She then uses the data presented to complete the right court papers, she stated. “I make use of the questionnaire to prevent asking them questions,Inches she stated.

Yamil Francisco, a completely independent paralegal with, concurs with Garbo. “I’m careful to not give legal counsel, Francisco stated. “It’s just complicated for individuals. It’s really a real challenge.”

Francisco, that has labored like a paralegal for 2 decades, goes so far as to incorporate a disclaimer around the webpage of her site that reads, “Tampa Divorce Center” doesn’t give legal counsel. You’re investing in a package of completed forms in line with the information you provide. If you want legal counsel, please make contact with a Tampa divorce attorney.”